British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) hostile towards Scottish Independence

The Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign has exposed the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for what many think it really is, the English Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).  They appear to have lowered their thin veil of neutrality in regard to the Scottish Independence Referendum Campaign. This was demonstrated clearly during UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s recent ‘Day Trip’ to Scotland in a crude attempt to bully Scottish voters to vote against independence. 

As the very negative and heavily criticised ‘No’ campaign becomes increasingly focused on the European Union and Currency issues the BBC seems to have given them uncritical coverage. This was made clear when Osborne’s visit was given massive coverage on BBC Scotland and he never had to face any broadcast questions.  Instead it was the Scottish First, Deputy First and Finance Ministers that were put under scrutiny. Needless to say they stood up well and dismantled Osborne’s arguments and threats one by one. 

This was followed by the appearance of Jose Manuel Barroso on the BBC being interviewed by Andrew Marr. Bloated European Union bureaucrat Barroso has long promoted the view that any state that becomes independent from existing EU members has to leave the EU. Of course Barossa belongs to the centre-right European Peoples Party, which also has in its fold the Spanish Partido Popularto. This is the party that has taken a hostile line towards the independence referendum due to take place in Catalonia. With friends like this it is no surprise then that Barroso is so hostile to both Scottish independence from the UK and Catalonian independence from Spain.

The shocking thing about the pronouncements by Barroso on the BBC programme was the lack of any challenge by Andrew Marr to his clearly incorrect statements on Scottish independence and EU membership. Other journalists had to put him under scrutiny later and he has now begun to backtrack. This coming on the back of the BBC’s favourable response toward George Osborne’s excursion to Scotland has really exposed the BBC as now being the mouthpiece of the Scottish anti-independence campaign. Scottish voters pay for the publicly funded BBC and at least expect neutrality and fairness in reporting during the campaign for Scottish independence. They are not going to get it though and the credibility of the BBC in Scotland now stands at an all time low.


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