Breton & Cornish cultural solidarity!

An enthralled audience at Redruth in Cornwall's Melting Pot cafe, situated in the Krowji Arts Centre (old Grammar School) were entertained during the evening of Friday 3rd October, 2015 by Cornish entertainers Frances Bennett and Ben Harris of 'Tredannack' and 'Hanterhir' respectively and then by Dom Duff the singer and musician from Brittany.

The evening was introduced in the Cornish and English languages by Matthi Clarke and the Cornish and Breton languages were heard spoken and in songs throughout the evening. The many Cornish speakers in the audience were taken with hearing Breton which is a sister language to Cornish with an 85% similarity of words and grammar. Enthusiastic encores followed the performances!

Along with Welsh, another language which shares a 65% similarity with Cornish, the three form the Brythonic Celtic languages and are all descended from the common Brythonic language which predates English by thousands of years dating back to the so called 'iron age'.

The Cornish language radio station, Radyo an Gernewegva recorded the evening and it is available to listen on playback here:

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