Bonnie Prince Charlie's Cooking Pot Comes Up For Sale

Rare and interesting items often turn up for auction. One such object is the cooking pot that is thought to have belonged to Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie). Dating back to the Jacobite rising of 1745, when Charles Edward Stuart sought to regain the throne for the exiled House of Stuart, the cast iron 18th century pot is valued at between £15,000 to £20,000.

In seeking to establish its provenance Bonhams annual Scottish auction refers to an extract from 'Story and Songs from Lochness-side', Alexander Macdonald, Inverness, 1914:

'There was in the old black three-legged pot, somewhat conical in was in this utensil that were prepared for the royal palate of Prince Charles Edward Stewart, in the cave at Corry Dho, in Glenmoriston, such meals as the faithful men who so kindly befriended and so bravely protected him there...It has since been exhibited, and there is little room for doubt as to the genuineness of its history. There lived till quite recently in our midst a man of the MacDonald clan who was third in direct descent from one of the MacDonalds who were in the cave with the Prince; and he gave it as a fact that it was in his family's possession from generation to generation, all along till a few years ago, when it fell into other hands. It is now in the possession of Grant of Glenmoriston...'

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