The BBC – institutionally racist against the Cornish?

The BBC – institutionally racist against the Cornish?

‘Cornwall butt of the joke in BBC comedy W1A starring Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey’

During the evening of Wednesday 19th March, 2014, BBC2 broadcast a so called ‘mockumentary’ called ‘W1A’ which yet again poked fun at Cornwall and the Cornish in a predictably boring way.

So, the BBC has yet again seen fit to insult the Cornish at public expense? Nothing new there then.

Well, I can't complain. I publicly tore up my TV licence outside the BBC in Truro during August of 2010 and haven't paid them since.

I made my reasons perfectly clear to the BBC then and the same reasons are still extant. Quite simply the BBC is completely irrelevant to me in Cornwall and then as now is not providing the service I had paid for.

Now, not only is the BBC irrelevant but it chooses to belittle the Cornish and Cornwall. I guess with their Anglocentric ways, they are fast running out of people at whom they can aim their racist bias. If we Cornish were black or Asian or part of the other ethnic groups which make up the population of this ‘disunited Kingdom’, the BBC would be called to account for their actions. But no, we Cornish have no such rights and the abuse continues.

I have again written to the BBC inviting them to prosecute me for not purchasing one of their TV Licences. I mean, let’s face it, they could hardly say I am being dishonest in my actions could they?

Mind you, I won’t speak to their man at the door or let him in. After all, they are not even BBC employees but privately contracted in by one of these faceless companies so beloved of the Westminster government. They will have to employ one of their much vaunted TV detector vans to gain evidence against me and we all know they are an urban myth and contain an empty space in the back.

The BBC plays no part in my life. I refuse to support it. It is a burden on the ordinary folks in our communities.

Like so many quangos based in England, the sooner it is gone from Cornwall, the better.

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