Australian Tynwald Ceremony Celebrates Mannin at Glen Innes

Tynwald Day (Manx: Laa Tinvaal) is the National Day of the Isle of Man (Mannin) and is traditionally held on 5th July. The Manx Flag flew high on 5 July 2015 at the site of the Australian Standing Stones, Glen Innes, NSW, Australia. Manx Bonnag was eaten, which is a traditional bread that has been a Manx staple for hundreds of years. Along with this fish and potato pie and a white liquor based on buttermilk was served as part of the ceremony.

Glen Innes is the site of the Australian Celtic Festival where next year Mannin (Isle of Man) is the featured Celtic Nation. The flag ceremony was presided over by Chair of the Australian Standing Stones Management Board Judi Toms. A poem was also written by Mike Gilbert today for the ceremony: 


The flag of Man flies overhead

A glorious banner of brightest red

With a symbol of legs in armour bright

Three of them, a curious sight.


A knight’s legs they must surely be

As spurs at their ankles are plain to see.

Silver and gold outlined in black

With golden shoes to run a track.


The motto that comes to us from this land

“However you throw it, it will stand”

Three legs are balanced well ‘tis true

A lesson there for me and you.


Under this flag on Tynwald Day

The Manx people meet to have their say.

Since times long gone the Manx are free

And prosper under this sign of three.


C  Mike Gilbert Tynwald Day 5July 2015

Pictures provided by Glen Innes resident Steve Toms:

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