Arrogant Spain tries to stamp on democracy in Catalonia and fails

People of Catalonia are expressing their view on independence today, despite being prevented by a repressive Spanish government from holding a formal vote.

The incredibly pompous Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has tried to stamp out Catalonia's vote on independence. Catalonia attempted to hold a referendum on independence in the same way that Scotland did. But this was repressed by a hostile Spanish government using the puppet Spanish Constitutional Court to threaten Catalonia. However, Catalan's are going ahead with an informal vote today.

Catalonia is a wealthy a region of 7.5 million people and contributes more to the Spanish economy than it gets back through central government funds. Economic and cultural grievances have long fuelled Catalan demands for freedom from Spain. Today's show of support for independence by the people of Catalonia exposes the shameful attempts of Spain to stamp on democracy. It will not succeed in the long term.

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